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What a wonderful world!

Planning GW

I decided to go to an outlet mall in this long holiday with my family and my colleague's family. Actually, we have not decided where which an outlet mall to go to and when we will go. Obviously, we have no reservation to rent a car haven't made a car rental reservation yet. We just decided to go. The first candidate date is April 30. I will check an availability for a rent-a-car if we can rent a car.

I want a suite, a necktie, leather shoes and a briefcase. I guess my wife wants some clothes and our baby's items for summer.

I remember an important thing I’ve remembered an important thing now. I should get some music to listen to in a the car. I want to get a newly album released by Perfume Perfume’s newest album. It' a "COSMIC EXPLORER"

Cosmic Explorer

Cosmic Explorer

  • Perfume
  • エレクトロニック
  • ¥2200