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What a wonderful world!

Presentation in English

I'm going to make a presentation in English next Friday. It's about a new stadium for Sanfrecce Hiroshima. I should fix my script a little bit.

Here are is new Vocabularyies.

  • brick-and-mortar(adj) : Ex) Amazon Books is brick-and-motar store.

  • looming(adj) : Ex) You can feel looming terror from this horror movie.

  • thrive(v) : Ex) Our club has been thriving on selling items.

  • blast(n) : Ex) The blast blew some trees.

  • jury(n) : Ex) Juries should have a responsibility for decides.

  •  perplexing(adj) /pɚplɛ́ksɪŋ/ : Ex) This article is perplexing.

  • bustle(v) /bˈʌsl/ : Ex) I don't want to be bussle.