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What a wonderful world!

English and Walking

Today, I started studying english with NativeCamp.

Because, I read this article.
話し放題!オンライン英会話ネイティブキャンプが怪物すぎる。比較、評判、活用法含めておすすめをご紹介 - コスパ最強!!一人暮らしの簡単節約料理レシピ

Today, I took my first lesson. It is easy to take a online lesson without a reservation. I want to take a lesson constantly and continuously.

And, my family went for a walk to Togoshi Park. Unfortunately, It was cloudy. In the park, there are kids, senior people and people with dog. On the way back, we went to supermarket, Oozeki. My daughter and I wait my wife's shopping in Miyamae-Hana-Hiroba. we found an old hand pump there. It was abolished.

Togoshi Park

Hand pump in Miyamae-Hana-Hiroba