Blogging For MYSELF


What a wonderful world!

A little Outing


I went to outlet mall Kisarazu with my family and my colleague's family. Both families have a baby. So, We went there by a rental car. It's very sunny day, today. We stopped to have a break in Umihotaru, and we had lunch.
After that, we enjoied shopping so much. I wanted to suite, leather shoes and so on, but I didn't find favorites. My wife and I bought some items for my baby.
Sunset in Kisarazu

This photo is sunset in the parking area in outlet mall. I like it.

Uniikura bowl

After shopping, we decided to have dinner in Kisarazu. So, we went to Kisarazu Port to eat a seafood. And then I ate sea urchin and salmon roe rice bowl. It was so yummy.