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What a wonderful world!



ホワイトボードを育児に取り入れたい。 絵を描いたり、伝言板にしたり。 ホワイトボードに子供が書くもので子供の興味や考え方がわかるらしく、便利な様子。 将来的には宿題を教えたりできたらなお良しかな。


Today was Tanabata, but our family didn't somthing special.

Lunch Day

I had a lunch with my colleagu. Actually, we had a lunch every Wednesday. We went to Mexican restaurant in atre Shinagawa and ate a same salad everytime.


I didn't have a something new, today...

Localized Torrential Rain

Today, a localized torrential rain had hit me, as I went back home.

Drive To Ocean

I went to a Kamakura with my colleagues by a car.

Makers' Base

I went to Makers' Base with my colleague and handcrafted a secret present my wife.

Day Off

My mother came our house to meet my daughter. I got a day off and went into medical checkup at morning. My mother and wife and daughter will go to Hiroshima.


It has not a something new, today.

A Child Play Space

My daughter and wife went to a child play space in Togoshi-Ginza. It is managed by a Shinagawa-ku. So, It is free to play there. Wow!


It has not a something new.

Present For Parents

Yesterday, my wife bought iPad Air for her parents. We had a plan to get them used it to see my daughter's photograph. Today I create an Apple ID for my wife's parents. When we took photographs and posted to iCloud Photo Sharing, photograp…

Family Photograph

In order to be taken photographs of my family, my family went to Rikugien at Komagome. My wife's friend knows a professional cameraman from Trickster Photography. So family photo session was held together with three families of our friend.…

Sanfrecce Won The Game

Sanfrecce played a game against Vanforre Kofu and won the game 3-0. This matchday was matchday 17 and final game of first stage of J1 league. A chanpion of the first stage of J1 league was Kashima Antlers. Currently, Sanfrecce was 4th plac…

Artificial Intelligence

I learned an artificial intelligence in my English class. We discussed how AI helps us or not. And we considared difference between AI and Human Intelligence. After class, I read a following article and watch a movie. This robot in…

Let's Brush your teeth!

My daughter brushed her teeth for the first time. when she did that together with my wife, she didn't cry and was a good girl. A toothpaste for baby was sweet and safe for her to eat it. By the way, she became able to answer to her name. B…


I backed the following project in KICKSTARTER for the first time. I select Pebble 2 as a reward and pledge $99 and shipping fee $15. I'm looking forward to get it!

Training For Business Communication

I joined a training for business communication in our company.

Catch A Cold

My daughter looks like she caught a cold. It was her first time to do that. She doesn't have a fever, but she has a cough and a runny nose. Today she went to a hospital with my wife togher, and the doctor gave them cough syrups. I hope she…

Father's Day

Today was a father's day. It's my first time in my life. I was celebrated by my family. It was my first Father’s day to be celebrated by my family. By the way, I watched a TV show, "マツコの知らない世界" which is a TV show. It had a presen…

Clean My House

Today I cleaned my house. And Sanfrecce played a game against Urawa Red Diamonds in Hiroshima. Sanfrecce won the game 4-2.

My Baby Days

Today my daughter and my wife went to a restaurant for children. There are a play area in the building. They went there with their friends and enjoyed eating and playing with balls.


I received a score of my TOEIC. It was 600. I should keep doing my best for learning English.

Sanfrecce Scraped a Draw at F.C. Tokyo

Sanfrecce Hiroshima scraped a 1-1 draw against F.C. Tokyo. Sanfrecce got a first goal, but they was recovered from down ended in a draw.

My Family Came Back Home

My wife and daughter came back home today. My daughter got to be able to crap her hands with other people while I hadn't seen her. When I started to crap my hands, she did it together with me. She is growing up day by day.

007 Spectre

Second day since I was alone My second day home alone. I watched "007 Spectre" on BD I rent. This is a fourth film since Daniel Craig performed as James Bond and a story to finish 007. Probably, it was a last one for him to perform in. And…


A first day since I was alone My first day home alone. I rented movies and got "Ant-Man" and "007 Spectre". Today, I watched "Ant-Man" which is an action film by Marvel Heroes. This film is one of the Marvel Universe films and a story abou…

I'm Alone

Today, my wife and my doughter came went back to Sanda city as , my wife's home town. Because my wife have has her friend's wedding party on Sunday in Osaka. So, in this weekend I'm alone...

Hair Cut I went to a barber shop and cut my hair got my hair cut. It was my first time to go the shop. When I went for a walk with my daughter, I found it. There is one beautician barber who is a the owner and his work was courteou…

Business Seminar

I joined a seminar for my business, today. The seminar was held in Marunouchi. I had another meeting in the afternoon, so I switched with my coleague at noon.