Blogging For MYSELF


What a wonderful world!

Present For Parents

Yesterday, my wife bought iPad Air for her parents. We had a plan to get them used it to see my daughter's photograph. Today I create an Apple ID for my wife's parents. When we took photographs and posted to iCloud Photo Sharing, photographs will be share  to parents automatically. I wish parents feel glad that.

Family Photograph

In order to be taken photographs of my family, my family went to Rikugien at Komagome. My wife's friend knows a professional cameraman from Trickster Photography. So family photo session was held together with three families of our friend. It was sunny day, so I hoped photographs would be nice. It takes a week to get our photograph developed. I'm looking forward to get them.

Sanfrecce Won The Game

Sanfrecce played a game against Vanforre Kofu and won the game 3-0. This matchday was matchday 17 and final game of first stage of J1 league. A chanpion of the first stage of J1 league was Kashima Antlers. Currently, Sanfrecce was 4th place and ten points behind of Antlers. 

I hope Sanfrecce will turn the table.